We are here to help you save money vs expensive PLB/Personal Locator Beacon, EPIRB, and other beacon battery replacement services.

BBR is not affiliated with and is independent of any Original Equipment Manufacturers, including ACR, McMurdo and OceanSignal.  Any manufacturer model names and numbers, referenced on this website, are the sole and exclusive property of their respective owners and are used solely for your convenience and reference purposes.s.

These replacement packs are for replacement of EXPIRED batteries only. If your device has been activated (set off in an emergency), or is not currently passing a self test, it will need to be factory reset and a battery replacement will not be enough.

We use high quality parts and packs are built to meet or exceed OEM quality. We use the same or better battery cells, we use thicker/stronger weld strips and stronger welds.

How we build the battery packs

We start with OEM or better battery cells (Panasonic CR123 and SAFT D cells). They are welded together using welding strips that are thicker and stronger than OEM. We use the same Molex connectors as factory and solder connector wires to welded soldering tabs on the battery. Next using tape/glue we set wires and shield any potential areas that may rub and expose a wire core. Then we shrink wrap the pack, if applicable. Finally, we run a voltage test and a self test on an actual beacon we have in the shop.

Battery Expiration/Replacement Date

Our inventory will always offer a minimum of over 5 years before replacement is recommended. We use the same formula as the OEMs to determine replacement date based on the manufacture date of the cells in the pack. That date is printed on the battery pack itself and a new Replace By sticker for the beacon is included.

– All battery packs are assembled in the USA –