About the service

We are here to help you save money vs expensive PLB/Personal Locator Beacon, EPIRB, and other beacon battery replacement services.

First some important things to know:

This service is for replacement of EXPIRED batteries only. If your device has been activated, it will need to be factory reset, which we do NOT do.

We use high quality parts and packs are built to exceed OEM quality. We use the same or better battery cells, we use thicker/stronger weld strips and stronger welds.

We re-use your original wire connectors (except our pre-built ACR ResQlink battery packs, which we use an aftermarket wire harness). Manufacturers of beacons use a huge variety of different connectors, they even vary greatly within the manufacturer. Therefore it is very difficult to find and stock quality replacements for all the possible variations. The OEM wire connectors are only soldered to tabs on the battery packs, and are easy to de-solder and then re-solder to the new packs. This assures you are using the correct and best connector – the original one!

If we find a damaged item or for some reason we can’t build your battery, we’ll provide a full refund and ship your item back for free (*the exception is for a beacon that has been activated – refund will be less return shipping cost)

How do we build the battery packs

We start with OEM or better battery cells. They are welded together using welding strips that are thicker and stronger than OEM. We then de-solder your wire connector and re-solder to the new battery pack. Then we shrink wrap the pack. Finally, If the device was included (or we have the model on hand) we’ll perform a battery self test. If not, we will check voltage at the connector.


You ship to us using the shipping method of your choice at your cost. Once we’ve completed the work, we will ship back to you using either USPS Standard or USPS Priority at our cost – we don’t charge you for return shipping.

Turn around time

Most battery packs will be return shipped within 3 days of receipt. If we need to source more rare battery cells, or are backlogged we will let you know that there may be a delay.