Coronavirus update

BBR is still making and shipping battery packs. For the most part there are little to no delays at this time.

Our battery packs are hand assembled in the USA and therefore we take very seriously the safety of our customers and us here at BBR.  With that in mind:

  • All assembled battery packs are wiped with disinfectant after assembly and again prior to shipment
  • BBR employees handling items wear gloves and masks (not N95) while working on battery packs or customer beacons.
  • Raw materials (battery cells, weld strips, connectors, shrink wrap, boxes, customer beacons, etc) are wiped and disinfected upon receipt.
  • Nobody at BBR has shown any symptoms and if that occurs, we will likely shut down for a period.
  • It is still a good idea to handle all of your shipments carefully, wipe down boxes/contents, and wash hands for 20 seconds after handling any products.  Also, try to avoid touching your face while working with any incoming shipment (this applies to BBR, Amazon, anything really!)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.