ACR PLB-375 Resqlink Battery – User replaceable/Pre-built


The ACR ResQlink replacement battery fits both the ACR ResQlink and ACR ResQlink plus.

Brand new cells and welded with better than factory quality.

NOTE – Do NOT send us your beacon, we will ship you a new battery to replace yourself.  Please ignore any mention of sending in the unit in for this product.

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We prefer to use the original connectors from your battery when making a new one, however we do offer the option to purchase a new battery, pre-made, with aftermarket connectors.  We’ll send you a battery for your replace yourself – do NOT send us your PLB if purchasing this product.

  • The new ACR battery pack is built using NEW high quality battery cells that meet or exceed original quality.  We use high quality welded connector strips that exceed original quality.
  • New aftermarket wire connectors are installed – these fit the ACR Resqlink and Resqlink Plus, and are battery self checked on an actual Resqlink.
  • The new pack is heat shrunk as original.
  • Shipping is free

See a side by side photo comparison of an original ACR Battery and a battery pack built by BBR as an ACR Battery Replacement: BBR vs ACR

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