Custom Li-SO2 Service – $33/cell


Beacon Battery Replacement Service Price is $33 Per Battery Cell in the Pack (LiSO2 or equivalent cost – other cell types may cost more)

For example, an ACR RLB-33 has a battery pack made of 3 SAFT LO26SX LiSO2 battery cells, so you would choose a quantity of 3 for a total of $99.  If you are unsure you can contact us or just choose ‘1’ and send the unit in, we will then contact you and let you know how many cells the pack has and the price.

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How does battery replacement service work?

  • Place your online order
  • Ship us your old battery pack or the entire PLB/EPIRB/Etc with battery pack included (ship to: BBR, 2736 State Route 207, Campbell Hall, NY 10916)
  • We’ll dismantle your old battery pack and de-solder the connector wires
  • We’ll build you a new battery pack using NEW high quality battery cells that meet or exceed original quality.  We use high quality welded connector strips that exceed original quality.
  • Your original connector wires are soldered to your new battery pack.
  • The new pack is heat shrunk as original.
  • Your new battery is installed in device (if supplied).
  • We ship back to you for free.

How does pricing work:

We charge per “cell” in the pack.  A battery pack consists of a number of individual batteries welded together.  The number of batteries determines the price.  Count the number of individual batteries in the battery pack (if your beacon has multiple packs, count the total), and then choose that amount to see pricing.  If you are unsure or don’t want to open the beacon, simply choose “1” and checkout.  When we receive the item, we’ll contact you with updated pricing.

* Pricing is based on Li-SO2 (for example SAFT LO26SX) style battery cells, or close to that in cost.  If your beacon uses a rare cell type that is considerably more expensive to source we would notify you and require to charge accordingly.

Why use the original connectors?

  • Manufacturers use many different small connectors and these vary greatly, even among the same manufacturer. The best way to assure correct fitment is to use the original connectors.

More information:

Examples of units that use Li-SO2 cells: ACR RLB-33 EPIRB, ACR RLB-27 EPIRB

See a side by side photo comparison of an original ACR Battery and a battery pack built by BBR as an ACR Battery Replacement: BBR vs ACR

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