McMurdo SmartFind E5 & G5 EPIRB Battery Replacement Service


The McMurdo SmartFind EPIRB battery replacement service is 3 packs of 3 CR123 cells.

We’ll build you 3 packs of 3 cells using your OEM connectors.


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How does battery replacement service work?

  • Place your online order
  • Ship us your old battery pack or the entire PLB/EPIRB/Etc with battery pack included (ship to: BBR, 2736 State Route 207, Campbell Hall, NY 10916)
  • We’ll dismantle your old battery pack and de-solder the connector wires
  • We’ll build you a new battery pack using NEW high quality battery cells that meet or exceed original quality.  We use high quality welded connector strips that exceed original quality.
  • If your pack uses any fuses or resistors we will replace those as well.
  • Your original connector wires are soldered to your new battery pack.
  • The new pack is heat shrunk as original.
  • Your new battery is installed in device (if supplied).
  • We ship back to you for free.

Why use the original connectors?

  • Manufacturers use many different small connectors and these vary greatly, even among the same manufacturer. The best way to assure correct fitment is to use the original connectors.

More information:

See a side by side photo comparison of an original ACR Battery and a battery pack built by BBR as an ACR Battery Replacement: BBR vs ACR

Learn more about ACR Batteries


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